Pendo Mobile SDK

Android SDK

Fixed Tagging DrawerItemContainer will only collected analytics from the first item in the list

Removed Unused classes and their dependencies which caused an error message when compiling the app

Android SDK

Fixed Apps using the androidx namespace might fail to build due to colliding libraries. One example of collision is with com.stripe:stripe-3ds2-android:4.0.5 

Added Support for CNAME without certificate pinning. 

Android SDK

Fixed Crash occurrences when using different library versions of commons-lang3 in the Application and the Pendo SDK. Commons-lang3 is now packaged with the SDK to prevent namespace collisions.

Fixed Page identification enhancements


Added Support a new tooltip layout in which the title and the X button are side-by side in the same row.  This allows for a more ‘condensed’ tooltip which can better fit small screens

Removed Private API usage that resulted in AppStore rejection

Fixed Multi-Buttons located on the same line are now of equal width, regardless of content