Pendo Mobile SDK

Android SDK 3.1.1

Fixed Improved screen scanning mechanism avoiding concurrency and timing edge cases

iOS SDK 3.1.2

Fixed Identification of swiftUI elements inside UIKit screens

iOS SDK 3.1.1

Fixed Position of guide elements on RTL apps

Fixed Crash when scanning meta types during screen analysis

Added Conditional import of SwiftUI on iOS 12 and lower

MAUI Plugin 3.1.0

Added MAUI apps need to register Pendo’s effects. Pendo uses effects to detect elements with gestures as clickable. Please see the new install instructions for MAUI (Android / iOS).

Fixed Analytics sent for TapGestures

iOS SDK 3.1.0

Added Support for SwiftUI new navigation APIs

Added Support for SwiftUI on iOS 17

Fixed Calling pauseGuides API immediately after startSession didn’t pause guides