Pendo Mobile SDK

iOS SDK 2.21.2

Fixed Crash related to endless loop while scanning page hierarchy

iOS SDK 2.21.1

Changed Bitcode is no longer included in Pendo SDK

Android SDK 2.21.3

Fixed Pendo SDK overlays hosting app dialogs and popups in cases where the hosting app set explicitly background color property in the dialog/popup/activity/app style/theme

Fixed Pendo tooltips backdrop, anchor view hole, and the texts, have been affected by the hosting app theme/style explicitly set background color property, causing the Pendo overlay those

RN Plugin 2.21.2

Fixed NavigationContainer ref support in new integration (WithPendoReactNavigation)

Fixed NavigationContainer linking support in new integration (WithPendoReactNavigation)

Fixed Crash when using React Native Navigation

Fixed Performance improvements

Android SDK 2.21.1

Fixed Google’s certificate transparency used by Pendo SDKs and Plugins will stop later this year. This is a mandatory update for any Android app. Use this version to make sure your Android app can keep working with Pendo

Fixed indexOutOfBounds crash relaying to ViewTreeObserver UI element