Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.49.0

Added New configuration option to attach guides to a different element than the document body.

Fixed Fixed a race condition where guides would not resume if the guides reloaded right after it was seen. Not anymore!

Fixed Fixed an error setting guide styles in older versions of Internet Explorer (version 8 and below).

Agent 2.48.0

Added Handling for JWT (JSON Web Token) for secure snippet. This setting also has to be enabled at the application/subscription level to take effect.

Fixed The designer will now correctly launch with white-labeling over Pendo Adopt when in a CNAME environment.

Fixed Legacy “what’s new” guides will not send cross-frame messages in apps with iframes.

Fixed Analytics that are sent with POST requests before the page unloads will not get dropped.

Fixed Skipped guide steps now always log a duration of 0 seconds.

Fixed We’ve addressed an issue where switching visitors could cause guides to re-display. Not anymore!

Agent 2.45.2

This update contains a single bugfix, but it’s a good one for our friends who use iframes.

Fixed When using the designer on an application with iframes, if an iframe does a full reload (but is not destroyed), ensure that it is re-registered with the designer when it loads again

Agent 2.45.1

Added We now capture collection time with all event properties

Added Clicking a step’s badge dismisses the step instead of advancing a step

Added We now support capturing the “nearest” element based on a relative selector

Fixed Stop sending document title with page load

Fixed In apps with iframes, opening multiple browser tabs could corrupt the guide state and lead to re-displays of dismissed guides…but not anymore

Fixed We found and fixed a nasty race condition that (very) occasionally prevented guides from auto-displaying in apps with iframes

Agent 2.44.3

Fixed Error catching in customer-defined URL modifier functions was causing unnecessary noise in backend processing. For now, we have reverted this error catching.