Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.25.0

Added Existing What’s New guides can now be added to the Announcements Module

Fixed Better scroll behavior for tooltips when the target element is larger than the window

Agent 2.24.0

Added Customers with excludeAllText enabled for their apps are now able to specify a whitelist of strings via the config option allowedText

Agent 2.23.0

Fixed Guides present only inside an inner iframe are now also represented inside the resource center

Fixed Certain guide elements no longer wrap on hover

Fixed The resource center pulse notification was replaced with a far more performant animation

Fixed Under certain scenarios, track events were not getting correctly labeled with type track. This has been resolved

Agent 2.19.3

Fixed Announcements now produce both guideSeen and guideAdvanced events

Fixed Guides created in the visual designer render text correctly in old versions of Firefox (As Firefox is an evergreen browser, this is limited to point-of-sale devices, or other specific environments that do not typically receive software updates)

Fixed Better height calculations for banner guides created in the visual designer when a body tag has `position: absolute`

Agent 2.19.2

Added Support for guide content validation on translated guides

Fixed Better positioning logic for the Resource Center notification bubble on element activated Resource Centers

Fixed The onboarding module in the Resource Center will now correctly filter out guides that do not have matching elements on the page

Fixed Better handling of temporary guide state cookies for subdomains

Fixed Announcements now correctly pull their display date first from a scheduled delivery date if available, and otherwise will fall back to last published date